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instagram's new feed is filled with reels, videos, recommended content, and people that you probably don't follow. that's where kittyclickr comes in.

kittyclickr automatically redirects you to the chronological feed, where it shows everyone and everything you follow in order.

don't worry - your old algorithmic feed is still there. kittyclickr just temporarily opts you out. click on the back button or home button on the top/side of the screen to go back, and see stories.

is it safe?

yes. the entire script is fully open source and does nothing more than redirect you to the chronological instagram feed URL. it contains no ads, trackers, or cryptominers.

does this work on mobile?

no, you're gonna want to click on the instagram logo, and then the dropdown should automatically be there.

how do I install?

you're gonna want to get a userscript manager extension such as Tampermonkey (I use this one), Greasemonkey or Violentmonkey

if the download above doesn't work, you can try the alternative GreasyFork download.