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new site who dis.

completely taking back most of what i said in the last post, the site's been redesigned.

i'm really proud of it, it's still made with HTML but CSS has been updated heavily, and things are more consistant and has a proper theme.

the site's also been rebranded to bit's bytes, since it fits better than just "squabbledmc" (although it is still used in the branding and on my youtube

i've had a hyperfixation on frutiger aero and while this site isn't exactly 100% frutiger aero, i like it a lot now.

for context: the current design was essentially rushed after the old site was lost and moved over to github pages.

i've been meaning to do a redesign, but never had the energy so after forcing myself to do so, here we are with this new site!

it's not 100% finished, there's still quite a bit i'm in the process of adding, however, i wanted this site to be the public one because it's just so much better.

i hope you enjoy it! i worked really hard on it and i love it, so i hope you all love it too.