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i like this site, actually.

so you remember how i said i'd update this site? well, i've been looking into self-hosting with a computer i have and using wordpress.

and then i remembered why i started this site. just as a little spot on the world wide web for me. and then i shut down the server and kept this plain HTML blog.

is it perfect? no. do i like it (and everyone i've talked to, besides the SEO spam bots)? yeah. it's simple. i like it. i like basic stuff. i like craigslist's UI.

i do run a tumblr blog, but it's just like my twitter (and my twitter was just random thoughts).

on the topic of twitter: i'm not there anymore. my username(s) were @depufox and @squabbledMC but i don't post/read there anymore. please follow me on tumblr

i'm also on bluesky, @squabbled.net (go figure)

no idea where i was going with this post, but here you go.

oh yeah, blog comments coming soon(tm) (and they're here, and this post's formatting's fixed. enjoy.

9/2/2023 9:13 AM PST