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Linux, site updates, and channel updates.

heyo, it's been... a little bit, hasn't it? i've been a bit busy procrastinating and sleeping and haven't really gotten around to making a full on youtube upload.

i have however been streaming to youtube, and all streams going forward will only be via youtube. youtube is much more bearable with only 2 ads compared to the 4-9 i have to watch on twitch when channel hopping.

i'm not really a fan of how both sites have been running recently, but comparing youtube to twitch, i'd take youtube any day (although the chat's not very good compared to twitch with limited emote support and bad replays)

anyways, linux!

i installed it on my computer. i now sign off all emails with "btw, i use linux" (although i've been told i cannot do that anymore because i use ubuntu and not arch.)

it's a dualboot, meaning i can boot into windows 10 or ubuntu if i want. both OSes and their programs are installed on 2 different SSDs. windows is on the 512gb ssd, while ubuntu's on the 256gb ssd.

i don't really use the linux install, but it's nice to have incase i need it.

and for the site updates

i've switched away from cloudflare protection as it was causing me some trouble with email (somehow) and was a little redundant as github is the one hosting the public facing pages.

i have no real use for any DDOS protection at the moment as all of my services are not self-hosted, so all is good in terms of protection.

i've backtracked a little and decided against adding a search box as it adds a bit of bloat to the site, and allows google to add ads.

the projects page has unfortunately forceably been scrapped due to a certain website i developed an extension for cracking down on any extensions or anything of that sort, and i don't want to get banned from that said website.

comments are not gonna be added for the time being (will eventually be added, just not now) since disqus also adds ads to your page against your will unlike before. i don't like in your face advertising, so i decided against comments for now.

and finally, google analytics has been removed site wide. it's not very private and just adds unneeded bloat to the site. i never really checked google analytics, and don't want my site being used to target advertisements.


and finally, happy spoopy month. i'm gonna keep scaring myself with cheap horror games and knock off gmod maps with nextbots. it's still technically an hour or so as i write this up, but it should go up possibly during spoop month. (or it is for you)

09/30/2022 11:17 PM (PST)