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Upkeep and updates

After a bit of a vacation, I'm back. I'm not going to be making videos for a little bit due to me being busy, and the noise of fans in my room (thanks, summer).

Anyways, there's been a bit of upkeep happening. First off, the Twitter pages.

My Twitter page intended for keeping up with updates has moved here while my old account for tech stuff and random blobs about my life is here.

This lets me follow more people on the update account while keeping my tech one limited to a few friends I follow. Feel free to follow both, or just one, I don't care.

Next up: I've deleted my Facebook page. I don't have any other Facebook accounts/pages, only Instagram and Twitter. I won't message you about how you've won the lottery (probably because I wouldn't be sharing with some random stranger)

I've also gone ahead and updated the site, so each blog post is it's own page for ease of access, and being able to find specific posts on your preferred search engine.

Some minor changes here and there, such as the title of the page being reflected in the head tag, again, so you can find specific posts easier.

Comments are on the way, however are not in yet due to me not having a comment host at the moment.

(by the way, if you want to inform me of a free alternative to Disqus, that would be nice, just post it here

08/19/2022 6:55PM (PST)