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Domain troubles and blogs

After about half a day, the site is finally back up. I wanted to transfer my domain between Ionos accounts (my domain provider).

I expected everything to go smoothly, and for the most part, it did. I had to fiddle around with some stuff to get it to work *cough cough* cloudflare *cough*

But, in the end, it all seemed to have worked fine. I won't get into why I changed accounts, but it was sort of painful to get working again.

At first, the site seemed fine. Then, it came up with a cloudflare error and after trying to fix that, I messed it up even more, giving me the dreaded "default page" of doom.

After a LOT of trial and error (and eventually giving up and deleting everything to try and start again), here we are.

The site is now ONLY on www.squabbled.net and not at any other address like before.

As for the blog, I'm literally writing this in basic HTML. I recently overhauled the site to be somewhat less of a mess but still keep that simplistic geocities-ish style.

I've wanted to make a blog for a while now, and after some debating just was like, ehh, make it in basic HTML. What could go wrong?

Anyways, enjoy or something.

7/31/22 6:31PM (PST)