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Breaking the silence...

it's been a bit, hasn't it? this site mostly has been having changes behind the scenes, with me setting up more email and other cool fun stuff behind the curtains of this github page.

a common question i get asked a bit is if i'll ever update this site's design. likely a bit, but still keep it to the simplistic look it has currently, but with more features and possible overhauls.

this site is deffo dated considering i'm literally typing this blog post out in HTML and commiting it to github (and all my friends have wordpresses, carrds, and google sites).

i've been considering renting a server to host games and eventually my own email server (to replace my janky setup that half the time gets sent to spam by gmail), oh, and maybe some mastodon as well?

but really, i like it. it's got a good design that isn't over the top, shows what you need, doesn't have a million advertisements and trackers (besides the occasional YouTube video or something), and doesn't have problems with compatibility or anything.

i'm considering adding a "pages" part of the site, where i write stories that aren't really about me, the site, or anything else i'm doing. i've recently discovered how to differ a person from an AI, which is probably going to be a good skill (before the bots become sentient, of course)

and next up: social media.

it's not fun anymore with everyone grinding to get their numbers up and not really doing it for fun anymore, and just for money. instagram probably is the worst offender, i just want to upload a photo, not a "reel" (tiktok bootleg).

isn't instagram's logo a camera and isn't it supposed to be a fun relaxing photosharing website? not anymore, i guess. my friends don't even see my posts anymore since they're not optimized for the algorithms we're supposed to bow down to and buy stuff from.

and twitter... where do i even begin with you.

i am not a fan of the whole "verified for 8$" thing which seems to be falling apart and slowly being removed faster and faster since people can just attack users with that, and use it as bots. people don't follow simple security and will get hacked and turned into bot accounts.

and the defense of "8$ deposit" for you to want to abide by twitter rules makes no sense. i compare it to team fortress 2's bot problem.

alt="Picture of team fortress 2 bot spam by OMEGATRONIC, known bot hoster and spammer"

in the above screenshot, bot hosters had to pay for each account to talk in chat. valve knows about the bot problem, and to combat it, put a rule that you have to purchase an item in the Mann Co store to make sure only legitimate accounts can talk.

...which ended up alienating a large portion of the player base, who were free to play players only. since elon wants to sell priority replies, and verified ticks, people could just buy these and keep creating accounts and automating them, while legitimate accounts get drowned out among the paid users.

yes, team fortress 2 is just a game and it's just annoying to hear spammed music, but think about what someone could do with a botnet of verified, priority twitter accounts able to spam anyone and have priority over all replies?

anyways, that's enough for tonight, i'm on mastodon, and tumblr and obviously youtube

that being said, have a great snow day/night/evening/whatever and i'll catch you in the next update :3

12/3/2022 11:38PM(PST)