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where i've been

been a while since i've updated the site, uploaded to youtube, or really did anything meaningful with the server, huh?

unfortunately, i've hit a point where i don't really know what to do or how to do anything i want to do.

the server's been kinda dry lately as i've moved onto other games and don't really have anyone playing, nor do i know how to market/advertise anything

in addition, i have a crap ton of projects i want to work on outside of this site and everything.

going forward

going forward, i'm gonna have to stick to one thing. will i do it? probably not.

my main goals are learning a little more web design and redesigning my website, as well as learning a little more marketing skills for better advertising.

as of now: i'm gonna be creating new branding and assets like banners, redesigning my websites, and cleaning up the mess around here.

i also have the problem of my site building skills being straight out of the 90s, as i write this in an html file on notepad.

anyways, summer's coming up, so hopefully i'll be able to figure things out during that time.

in the mean time, please bear with this site for a while. some people love it, some hate it. i'm kind of tired of it, so i'm hoping i can update it soon.

06/03/2023 5:42PM(PST)