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Minecraft server, projects, updates, and the future!

heyo, been a little bit since the last site update, hasn't it? anyways, the site's been slightly updated to have a little bit more, and overhauled a little bit here and there.


if you look at the topbar on the homepage, you'll notice how there are a few new buttons. i've added projects, and my new discord server to the mix!

the projects are pretty basic, since there aren't that many. one that i'm sorta proud not proud of is kittyclickr, an instagram extension designed to disable the algorithmic feed on instagram temporarily.

it's still at the mercy of instagram killing the old following feed, however it still lets you use it even after instagram hid it in a recent update.


(this is mostly a changelog) added the projects tab with links to projects, removed my plaintext mailto emails to stop spambots, started minecraft server, changed copyright date!

minecraft server!

i started a minecraft survival server with some friends, but is now semi-public! we're considering going public and turning off whitelist soon, but for now, you can join our servers on how to join.

that's really all there is, i don't really have much else to say, so thank you for reading :D

01/02/23 2:39PM (PST)