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about me :D

hi, i'm bit! i'm most commonly known as squabbled online, but either works.

i hang around the interwebs lookin for cool stuff to do and make, this site being a prime example of that.

this page is just sort of dedicated to talking about me, my interests, and other cool stuff i've done.

click here to see all the art of my fursona i have! :3

cool stuff i've done

the thing i'm most proud of is TempuraCraft, my response to pay to win Minecraft servers without a real friendly community, and just survival how the game was intended to play.

another cool thing was katsudon, a mastodon server that was shut down for my mental health's sake. i loved interacting with the fediverse and learning about how the whole thing worked by straight up running a server off a raspi!

my interests

1. computers, technology, and anything of that sort.

ever since i was a kid, i've always been really curious as to how things work behind the scenes, and while i might not be the greatest sysadmin of all time, it's just fun for me.

2. video games

although i totally suck at most games, i love Minecraft , team fortress 2, halo, and my favorite game of all time is portal 2 (next to oneshot)

3. collecting tech

i guess this falls under computers and tech, but i love collecting old tech. i have a ton of old phones and want to get more, some old laptops, 3 raspberry pis, a steam deck, and a bunch of used consoles.

4. furry stuff

this one's harder to explain. i have a fursona and am in the community, but the main reason why is because of how nicely i've been treated by the fandom. and they have cake. and hugs.

(in all seriousness, i just find the whole thing very cute and i got into it when i was little, and just stayed here, and if you're interested, my fursona's name is cloud, and they're the blue fox you see all over this site.)


Q: how did you get the username squabbled?

in 8th grade, i had a homework assignment that had the word "squabble" as part of the vocabulary. it's a real word, and it means a really loud petty fight. i thought the word was really funny and it wasn't taken on steam/discord/this site, so here i am.

Q: what's the story behind your fursona?

i didn't really "make" them in the typical sense. i found a cute fox skin in minecraft and flipped the colors, and that's been their design since.

bonus, click here to see all the art I have of my fursona! :3

Q: what do you use to make this site?

just notepad++, basic html and css and a regular ol vps! i used to use neocities and later github, but i was bored and upgraded to a 5$ VPS.

Q: why does this site look so... old?

it's intentional. i love older UI design, specifically frutiger aero (which this site is supposed to be designed around), and also, my web designing skills are very geocitiesish because i used to make sites with Neocities.

Favorite Games

Portal 2 (All time favorite), Team Fortress 2, and Oneshot.

Favorite Websites

I have so many websites that I love that I had to make a page dedicated to linking awesome websites here that you should really check out.

that's all for now. feel free to ask any questions here, or alternatively, to my tumblr page.